What Are Chatbots? How Do They Help People?


You know that situation. When you are sitting on the chair, you all in everyday concerns, and then suddenly your phone starts beeping. That beeping makes you feel cheerful and forgets about your concerns. With great passion, you chat with your friends, relatives and of course crush.  The chat via text messages takes a significant place in our life. We are chatting because human is a social being. We can’t live without it. And communication is a basis of absolutely any society and personality.


We use a lot of different chat apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, Slack, etc. And a long time one idea was dominated in people’s minds: “Text messaging apps can’t bring anything new, anything interactive, anything that could blow somebody’s mind. Text app is a usual ossified thing that is doing regular simple tasks receives and sends messages.” It is a critical statement, but what is bad in the app that does one-two functions and does it great? And for us it was clear that messaging apps was made for only one thing – chat. But now this claim, already aren’t true. We are observing next step in the evolution of texting apps. This step is chatbot.


Chatbots are computer programs that can make conversation with the human. They provide you special kind of service and interact with you via the chat interface. Sometimes chatbots are simple scripts, but sometimes it is really sophisticated programming algorithms – artificial intelligence. So now chat bots have brought a lot of interactivity to just messaging app. You can easily find travel bots: the hotel chain “Hyatt” using most advanced chatbots to improve communications with clients and provide the best service; shopping bots: company “Spring” gives customers opportunity to chat with personal assistant, you have to explain your preferences and chatbot will offer you clothing, shoes, accessories and you get it easily by purchasing “from bot’s hands” on the spot; news bots: people now can chat with “CNN” and get breaking news, they can use keywords to get specific personalize news. So you have to go with time and use this awesome technology. Because it will make your life much easier. Just imagine you have a friend that always with you and you tell him: “Remind me to feed the dog at 2 p.m. Then your friend at 2 p.m. talks to you: “Hey bro! You have to feed your dog!”. Now such friend actually exists. Meet Jarvis (Facebook Messenger bot). He will do exactly the same thing that I have written. So, you haven’t any necessity to access your human friends and ask for a favor or hope on the own memory.


In this way, we can extend our texting app. One function approach is the past multifunctional is a future. I think, this generation of texting apps soon will compete on the ground of chatbots development. Which platform will offer the most intelligent chatbot? The question stays open. In next articles, I will observe chatbots more closely. Stay tuned.

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