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Using Texting Games to Keep your partner Aroused

As strange as it may sound, it is usually very easy to arouse a man, however, keeping him interested is another different story altogether. You will however be glad to learn that you can now engage your man in any of the top fun texting games not only to arouse him but also to help keep his sexual cravings. However, you should master how to do this failure to which you will only end up messing up everything. Pay closest attention to what are the guidelines? Which are the right words to use and most importantly knowing the right time to quit?

 Fact remains that: if you get the basics right, do not at all surprised if it is your partner who initiates the game himself. Take note, sometimes all our partners usually look forward to is the right clue after which they would proceed to follow suit.

  1. The gentle start – once you start playing sexy texting games with your partner or better yet setting the stage for the same, make sure that you start off the game on a light note. For instance, if your are playing the answer and question game then start by asking questions which do not seem too aggressive/suggestive. Just make sure that whichever game it is that you are playing, it is an interactive one which involves a lot of participation for your partner. By doing so, you will be able to get him to the place where you would like him to be.
  1. Shifting gears – once you are certain that you have captured your partner’s attention, feel free to shift gears and take the game to the next step. This means using less suggestive words as the game continues to heat up. For example, if you play the would you rather game, feel free to slot in questions which are sexually suggestive. Doing so is very important since it will help get your partner gradually thinking of sex.
  1. Increasing the anticipation – it is the best way to help make sure that your man gets aroused since shortly after starting the game, your partner would almost immediately start forming dirty images in his/her mind. It would therefore be your job to help make these images as clear as possible. Keep in mind, making the images clearer will only serve to help make your partner want your body even more.
  1. Knowing when to let go – this is by far the most important step, you should have a clear idea of when to let goo irrespective of the game that the two of you are engaged in. keep in mind, the ultimate aim of the texting games is usually to arouse your man’s inner sexual desire hence you should refrain from overly engaging your partner bearing in mind the fact that doing so would also serve to help bring the game to an end tactfully.

 Arousing your partner through sexy texting games is largely determined by the direction that you will take game. remember, it is not given that your partner will always get turned on if you engage him/her in texting games.

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