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Top 10 Best Movies to Watch with Kids on DVD

top 10 best movies to watch with kids

Check out the best top 10 best movies to watch with Kids on DVD for your next night in. We have the round up of the all time top movies like Goonies, Pollyanna and also Wall-E-that parents will enjoy, as well. The films range in maturity levels, so you are certain to find the right fit for the group.

  1. Goonies, PG, 114 minutes:

If you are hosting a sleepover, you will be a hero by turning on this action/fantasy in regards to a cadre of adventure-seeking kids on the run, treasure maps, death-defying close calls and also impaled skeletons. What we all keep in mind and love regarding the Goonies is that they “never say die!” as well as their bond cannot be broken.

  1. Are We There Yet?, PG, 95 minutes:

“I mean, it is Ice Cube. That may be worth the cost of admission. But it is also neat to watch the start of what’s going to turn into a blended family eventually, and also the hijinks keep the kids in stitches.”-Denene Millner

  1. Pollyanna, G, 134 minutes:

Hayley Mills in Pollyanna is among Hollywood’s most loveable child characters in the film for a reason. An orphan delivered to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly; she is incredibly positive, and also brings the town together in this way which makes you need to throw her up on shoulders and cheers her name. Do not miss other Hayley Mills classics, such as the Trouble with Angels and also the Parent Trap.

  1. The Gods Must Be Crazy – PG, 109 Minutes:

The Gods Must Be Crazy shows that silly slapstick humor is common, even in the Kalahari Desert. This cool story that initially resembles an episode of National Geographic follows the chain of events which ensues when African Bushmen find a soda pop bottle which was discarded by a littering pilot.

  1. The Land Before Time, G, 70 minutes:

Baby dinosaurs stressing friendship and also cooperation might seem a little too much like Barney. However, the Land Before Time wins over the audiences of every age group, thanks to an exciting storyline, non-annoying songs and also loveable characters. Littlefoot, a young, must make his method to the amazing Valley to live a plague, as well as in the process makes a lot of dino friends and also manages to tug at heartstrings along with his brave little adventure.

  1. The Sandlot, PG, 101 minutes:

For an emotional guy flick, do this ’50s era film regarding a gang of boys and their summer of mischief. It is time to reminisce about and share your childhood hi-jinks. Additionally, we love the female equivalent, Now and Then.

  1. Newsies, PG, 121 Minutes:

Set in 1899, this Disney Musical regarding a singing and also dancing troupe of newsboys who strike once the price of their papers is elevated 1/10 of a cent, is not exactly historically accurate. But if your kids love music, they will not be able to turn it off. The soundtrack is filled with toe-tapping tunes, and also the plot is strung along with the impressively choreographed song and also dance.

  1. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken – Not Rated, 90 minutes:

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, more of a comedy compared to scary flick, is all about a journalist who must spend the night in the creepy Old Simmons’ Place and also report about this. It is full of campy, typical scary movie standbys, and does not scare anyone.

  1. Akeelah and the Bee, PG, 112 minutes:

“It is full of great lessons on resisting pressure from peers, real friendship, perseverance, and also, in the end, how the effort will help you gain a much more than the biggest trophy. Plus, Keke Palmer is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e, and also when is the last time Laurence Fishburne made a movie you did not like?” -Denene Millner

  1. Blank Check, PG, 93 minutes:

If your kids cannot get enough of Home Alone, but they’re getting fed up with watching Macaulay Culkin, try Blank Check-it’s regarding the hilarious hijinks that ensue when an 11-year-old completes $1 million on the blank check, another kid’s dream-come-true scenario.

If you have additional Top 10 Best Movies to Watch with Kids on DVD that did not make this list, drop us a line in the comments below.  Or contact us.

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Enjoy the top 10 best movies to watch with your kids on DVD!

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