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Text message Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

How does the idea of building sexual tension between you and your partner prior to getting down to real action sound to you? I bet the answer is “awesome”. Well, you will be glad to learn that below are a few text message games which when you engage you partner in will go a long way in helping bring you closer.

 You will agree and support the fact that in a relationship, there usually comes a time when talking to your partner can sometimes get very old. Question therefore is, what should you do when you are interested in sounding fresh and stepping up the excitement? Well, in case you have been in a relationship for a long time then you should seriously consider keeping things exciting by trying out some of the games mentioned below.

 Text message games for instance go hand in hand with dirty naughty texting. Only thing is, sometimes introducing a new sex game might prove to be such a daunting task while in real sense this is the only way to bring right into perspective the fact that you are spending a considerable amount of time texting your partner (say communicating over the phone).

Below is an overview of some or the top fun text message games which you should seriously consider engaging in, they include:

  1. Text sex – this game involves engaging your partner in dirty texting which include the use of dirty words in a bid to create sexual tension. It is important to note that this game is by far one of the easiest dirty texting games which you can engage your partner in. what you need to do is simply to start casually and then proceed to ask questions such as “what are you wearing?” Take note, when you base your game along such questions then you can only expect the end result to be the both of you feeling extremely aroused. Just make sure that you take things slow while at the same time paying closest attention to your partner’s responses. Simply put, let the questions drive both of you into a sexual zone with every new dirty text that you exchange.
  1. Do you remember – it is considered to be one of the safest and most exciting games which you can engage your partner in a bid to build some serious sexual tension. The main objective of this game is usually to find out if your partner is able to recall any previous incident which both of you shared in the past. The best way to do this is to start off by asking an easy question such as “do you remember the first time we met?” etc take note, as you continue to ask questions, feel free to remind your partner of your previously experiences such as the first kiss right up to the point where you had sex for the first time. Feel free to remind each other how you reacted as this will only serve to excite you more.
  1. Creating stories and texting at the same time: it is a very simple game which you can easily use to measure how enthusiastic your partner is especially when it comes to gauging how enthusiastic your partner would be in exchanging with you.

Feel free to choose any of the above text message games and then combine them with a small sense of dirty texts aimed at making your partner quiver and with the thought of having sex with you firmly fixed in his / her mind.

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