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Superb Songs To Lyric Prank Your Crush


Sometimes when you are a long time in relationships, gets hard to surprise or impress your crush. Your crush knows about you almost everything and you also know much about your crush.  You spend your days in great reveries with your lover. And in course of time your communication becoming regular even boring. Exactly for this situation song lyric prank was invented. If you want to charge up your relationships with new emotions just use lyric prank. I have picked for you excellent songs to lyric prank your crush.

Let’s start with the song that established itself like a great example of what song to prank your crush must be. This song is a real mainstream because it works well and brings a lot of positive emotions. It’s “Into you” by Ariana Grande. The lyrics of this song are so sensitive. It will make your crush feel warm and close. Just look at these words: “I’m so into you, I can barely breathe. And all I wanna do. Is to fall in deep” – your crush will probably think, that you trying to say something really important but turn out confusing and vague things. After the lyrics: “Oh baby, look what you started The temperature’s rising in here Is this gonna happen?” – You can get prank gone sexual situation. This transparent hint may turn your conversation into the hot erotic mood. Words like: “So baby, come light me up. And maybe I’ll let you on it” – and next sexual words will only increase passion. So these song lyrics are a great option if you want to induce sexual feelings or play the lustful game.


Next song is so adorable and cute, that you without any doubt will want to use it for the prank. It is “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. The whole song is based on admiration of your crush. This song is a source of compliments. Your crush probably will think about you, like about the romantic man. Even Don Juan will look like just a boy compared with you. Because, such amount of nice compliments, your crush, for sure has never heard from one person at once. Let’s see what we’ve got in song lyrics: “You’re wonderful, flawless, Ooh you’re a sexy lady… Treasure, that is what you are. Honey, you’re my golden star. You know you can. Make my wish come true. If you, let me. The treasure you“. Thus, song lyrics “Treasure” fits you, if you want to say something really romantic to your crush.


Let’s move on to the more serious song. This is a song about relationships. How hard to find compromise sometimes. It’s “Honest” by Kodaline. Lyrics from this song will encourage or even provoke your crush, to tell the truth. Just look on this lines: “Honestly, there’s no need for you to hide. Talk to me, can’t you see, I’m on your side“. The border between truth and lies is very vague. Especially, when we talk about feelings. So, it’s important to have a trust. Hence these lyrics: “Say what it is you’re trying to say, But if you lie to me again. I will be the one that walks away” – will check your crush in a very severe way. Be careful because the words: “I will be the one that walks away”- could be very painful for your second half. It could lead to hurt or unpleasant revelation. But still, these song lyrics are very useful if you want to disrupt the mask.


Now I want to offer you a fairly sympathetic song. This is Jacob Sartorius – Hit Or Miss. This song is so neutral and the lyrics similar to a regular texting. For sure your lover will take the bait. These song lyrics fit you if you want to share light sunny emotions and get soft lyrics prank.

There are many songs to prank your crush. Chose you best option. And don’t forget to use my tips.


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