fun games to play over text

Nice games to play over text

I want to represent you another  bunch of nice games to play over text. Whatever you want: to just pass the time or have a good time with your partner. You will get it. Because, when you texting somebody just for fun. It indicates that you have built a vast bridge to the heart of the person and you can trust him or her much more than most of other people. So lets begin from the question:

If I’m Bored of Playing Smartphone Games, What Should I Play Now?

The issue is same with many boys, girls, men and women across the world. People were quite excited, when new smartphones were launched by mobile phone companies. They had got low-graphic computer games in their smartphones and that’s why people used to play these games every day. The smartphones and gaming apps have become quite normal things for people in last 8-9 years. Now, many people consider Smartphone games boring because they get same missions, same game-play and they quit playing games quite quickly. You may also do that, but we are suggesting you some strange, but very enjoyable games. You can play these games only on the texting apps and that’s why these are much easier to play.

Movie Lines:

The people of this age are more practical and they don’t believe in wasting time over acts like texting. People do texting only, when they want to have an important conversation. We suggest you to make the texting app a source of entertainment by playing Movie Lines. It is one of those games to play over text, which can help you in reducing your stress. The rule of the game would be “texting the dialogues and lines of movies”. Yes, it will be like a normal conversation, but by using movie’s dialogues. You can play this game with one friend or with many friends. It will entertain you for sure.

Kiss, Marry, Kill:

It is one of those games, which people used to play when there were no mobile phones. In this game you provide three people or celebs to your friend and ask him or her that to whom he or she will kiss, marry and kill. Yes, you can play this game via the texting apps because now you can share pictures and videos over these apps. So, let’s have some time-pass by playing these games. Do not provide easy options because thus you will reduce the fun of the game. Provide some tough options so that your friends may take some time in deciding Kiss, Marry, Kill.

Story Line:

Have you ever thought that you are a writer? Well, there is a texting game that can turn you and your friends into the story writers. This game is called Story Line in which all the players need to write a line of the story. You can play this game among many people. Allow your friends to show their imagination and creativity and write new scenes of the story. The story can be funny, serious or sexy, but in the end you will like it and this will be a great fun for you and your friends.
The games to play over text are easy, enjoyable and really amazing. For sure, you may have never tried some of those games before in your life. So, it is a good chance to try them because you have texting apps, high-speed internet and enough resources to play these games. Let’s spend some great time with your friends by playing these amazing texting games.
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