fun games to play over text

Games you can play over text with your partner

Just so you are aware, there is absolutely nothing which is more likely to make your partner anticipate sex much more than engaging in any one of the fun naughty games you can play over text. One of the best things about these games is the fact that you will be free to express what it is that you feel since there are usually no rules set. As a matter of fact, these same games also present a perfect platform to express your dirtiest feelings which you may have previously had a hard time saying to your boyfriend face to face.

Simply put, Dirty games you can play over text serve as a guarantee to take the art of seduction to a whole new level which in case you are keen would agree that helps makes the relationship more exciting. The best thing about these games is the fact that they are usually extremely easy to initiate plus at the climax of each game, you partner would most definitely be in the mood to hook up with you next time you meet.

The following is an overview of the top games you can play over text, they include;-

  1. The Naughty Questions Game: – it involves the exchange of a series of hot steamy texts in a quest to get answers to some very naught questions. In order to enjoy this game, it is strongly advised that you start on an innocent note and then keep the momentum gradually building as the game continues. Simply put, the game involves asking your partner what it is exactly that he wants and then you get to respond in a naughty way. Take note, the game will become hotter as the questions poised continue to become naughtier.
  1. The sexting game: – this game is more or less like having sex over the phone only difference being it would be through texts. More specifically, it involves creating a love scene and then proceeding to discuss having sex with your partner. The easiest way to start off this game is to ask your partner what exactly it is that she is up to after which you can proceed to tell him what you are up to going slightly further to invite them over. Feel free to get more and more sexual as your partner responds to a point in which he starts touching himself (which by the way is the main point of the game).
  1. The daring game – it serves as a guarantee to leave both of you turned on by the time you are done playing. The game involves daring your partner into answering a random naughty question or better yet asking them to act it out. One way to enjoy this game is by exchanging naughty pictures (this should be very easy taking into consideration the advent of smart phones). Take note, as much as this game can be very steamy, it is strongly advised that you make it a point to delete all pictures once you are done playing.
  1. The game of confession: – we have all at one point of the other been through various sexual encounters in our lives. As expected, some may have been good, while others may have been not so good. The game of confession basically involves revealing some of the deepest kept sexual secrets. Take note, you should not however take the confessions game too seriously since it just but a game. feel free to ask you partner about some of the most embarrassing sexual encounters which he or she may have previously had, how it feels when you kiss, inquire about the favorite positions etc. 

Everything taken into consideration, it is clearly evident from the above that most of the games you can play over text serve as a guarantee to get your partner into the sexual mood in no time. Keep in mind; the more you continue to play with them, the more they would open up to the idea of making out on the next date.

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