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Games to play over text with Your Boyfriend at Night

Taking into consideration how hectic life has become for most people lately, there is no denying that sometimes nights can be long plus exchanging the usual texts with your boyfriend or girl friend can do very little to stop the tossing and turning. You will however be glad to learn that: there are a series of fun games to play over text which you can easily engage your loved one in and turn everything from a lonely boring evening into a fun time. In fact, expect to turn all of those boring nights into a series or memorable erotic moments characteristic of sexual anticipation.

 As strange as it may sound, there is something very interesting about the night and texting. This is clearly evident from the fact that somehow you will always know what to say one text after the other. To a certain extent, chances are, it is the state of relaxation which we often tend to find ourselves in when lying in between the sheets that helps make our minds wonder into the creative world.

 For a much clearer idea of what exactly is involved when it comes to games to play over text, below is an overview of some of the top texting games you should seriously consider trying out during those nights when you find yourself feeling raunchy. They include:

  1. The Story Builder: – just as the name suggests, the game involves making stories from scratch (stories which involve imaginary characters). One of the best things about this game is the fact that you can easily take it in any direction as long as you both remain excited. For instance, you can easily make it funny, intimate or better yet even naughty at some point. Alternatively, you are free to build a story around you selected theme. Take note; make sure you agree on the rules or the preferred set of words including the character limits in order to keep things exciting.
  1. Kiss Marry Kill: – it is by far one of the most intriguing games. It is the best game to play with your partner especially when you are looking forward to making the night shorter. More specifically, what’ll happen is, you will request your partner to name three personalities in their life and then you will proceed to ask them to choose who they would like to kiss, marry or kill. Take note, the ultimate aim of the game is to bring out the best in you. You will however be glad to learn that you can also add a sexual twist to it as well.
  1. What if: – just as the name implies, the game is a simple question and answer game. Simply put, the game involves asking your boyfriend how he would react to certain situations. For example, you can ask him what is the first thing which he would do to you in the event that you are left alone in an island. Take note, answers to these questions do not need to be necessarily true, they should however always remain suggestive in order to pave way for the next questions.
  1. I want to: – frankly speaking, there is nothing absolutely sexy and arousing than telling your partner what you would like to do to her at night or better yet, finding out what your partner would love to do to you. Simply put, this game is the best if you are aiming to get all naughty with your boyfriend since it is able to easily turn overly sensual and leave the both of you craving for each other’s body. In short, it is one of those games to play over text if you are interested in setting the stage for explosive sex the next time you set eyes on your boyfriend.

 Taking advantage of these games to play over text serves as a guarantee to make the night shorter. What’s more, you will be able to increase the sex drive of your partner as well as yourself. Simply put, as long as you have your cell phone with you, there is absolutely no reason to continue spending nights tossing and endlessly turning in bed.

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