fun games to play over text

Fun games to play over text which guarantee Fun All Night Long

In case you are in a relationship or madly in love with someone, you will agree and support the fact that some nights can be extremely long and boring especially if you still stay apart. Good news is, this constant tossing and turning can now be replaced with sexy texting games which serve as a guarantee to make your nights way much more steamy and fun while you enjoy spending time with your partner. Simply put, fun games to play over text with your partner will most definitely take you out of your comfort zone into a world of sexual exploration as you engage your partner in a series of texts.  Take note, there is absolutely no harm in engaging in these games, as a matter of fact, you should strive to help make sure that you engage in them together with your partner more often in your relationship.

 The following is an overview of some of these fun games to play over text with your partner and successfully create sexual tension with him/her. They include:

  1. Sms flirting – just so you know, flirting is the bedrock of playing sexy games with your partner over text. Sms flirting involves having a romantic exchange of messages which are meant to tease your partner in the naughtiest of ways. The best way to enjoy the game is to start by being mild at first for instance by starting off by mentioning that you love certain body parts for examples the lips and how they are used when kissing.
  2. The pet nickname game – the game involves finding a peculiar character in your man’s life and then giving him a pet nickname. For instance, in case you choose to give him a pet nickname, proceed to ask him which breed of cat he would prefer to be in the long run. Also feel free to make the game more exciting by asking him if he would eat you if you happened to be a mouse. In addition to the above, you can also decide to turn into a cat and engage in the games which cats normally engage in. just remember to add a sexual twist while playing.
  3. The role playing game : it is one of the most sexy games which you can engage your boyfriend in. the best way to kick off the game is to start off by telling him a sexy story after which he would need to proceed by adding onto the story his version. Take note, it is only when the story is continuing that you will be required to engage in steamy exchanges which will most definitely leave both of you really turned on. One of the best things about role playing is the fact that you can go on and on as the responses would all be geared towards making the story as exciting as possible.

Another interesting and fun game to play over text is the stripping over text game. this game however is slightly different since it would require that you two go all the way right until you are both totally naked. In a bid to make it more sensual, feel free to exchange pictures of each other removing cloths gradually.

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