fun games to play over text

Find the Best Games to Play Over Text Messaging Apps


We are humans and we need entertainment to perform better in the studies and jobs. The cell phones of this age offer multiple platforms to chat with friends and colleagues. These phones also allow you to install multiple entertainment apps for time pass. People get bored of playing those games and they want to play more real games. You may not know that, but there are a few games which don’t require any app or special tool. These games are simply distinguished as Games to play over text. Yes, you just need a messaging app in your Smartphone and nothing else. We are sharing details about some famous texting games. Try these games because you will have a lot of fun by playing them.

  • The Name Game:
    It is a unique game. Students also play this game at the hostel, class and home, when they are free. Now you can play it on the phone. If there are five players, the first player will text a name like “George Clooney”. Now the next player will have to text the name of a famous celebrity that starts with “Y” and thus the next player will type the name of another famous celebrity. Those, who get failed in messaging the name of a famous celebrity, according to the rules of the game, will get eliminated. It would be a great fun and you can play it every day at home or in the office to have some refreshing entertainment.
  • What is it??
    It is another game that you can play with a texting app. However, your phone’s camera will be an important part of this game. Many players can play this game; even you can include all the members of your Watsapp group to play it. The players will take close pictures of different objects and ask other players to guess what it is. A player, who will guess the object very first, will be the winner. A player, who will guess the maximum objects, will be the winner of the game. Isn’t it more entertaining than other games? Of course, yes and that’s why many people across the world play it daily.
  • Truth or Dare:
    Can we play truth or dare on a Smartphone? Well, the answer is yes and you should try it. This game works in quite a similar way as you play in the real life. There will be no bottle to find the targets that’s why every player will be on the target. Now, let’s wait for each player’s turn and then provide him two choices “Truth or Dare”. Ask a question, if he chooses truth and provide him a challenge, if he selects a dare. Do not forget to ask for the photo proof of the challenge.
  • Build a Title:
    This game is quite similar as the Name Game. The only difference in this game is, players guess the title of the movies or books instead of names of famous celebs. It can also be one of the best Games to play over text, if you try it in free time.

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