about us

Usually, people just talk over the messages. They play games, listen songs and watch videos over their smartphones for entertainment. We are revealing a more enjoyable and superior way of entertainment, if you are bored of playing games and watching videos. We are team of authors united by one passion and one purpose. We like discovering the world of games to play over text and sharing with you results of our efforts.
On this site you can find a wide collection of games, which you can play over text. A good way of taking talks further and knowing each other well is playing texting games. People used to play such games, when there were no mobile phones and internet facility. You can play them now to come closer.
People are now getting addicted of gaming apps and other entertainment apps. The texting games can help you in coming out of that world and enjoy the true fun. The life becomes a lot better when you play fun text games. You become more socialized and get in constant touch with your friends and that’s why you should daily play the fun text games. Your school or office may not allow you to text whole time, but in free time you can take some break from other apps and text your friends. So, try some text games now to feel refreshed.
The texting games help you in spending more time with your crush. Usually, you can talk with him or her on chat, call or other mediums. Normal conversations don’t last long because you get nothing much to talk about. The fun text games allow you to spend more time and unveil the nature and choices of interested person. You can reveal what he/she likes and who are his/her favorite places, players, celebs and so many other things. The fun text games give you a great chance of knowing more about each other. Therefore, you get more time and things to talk and thus you come closer. The fun texting games are simply awesome to be an important part of someone’s life, but don’t dare to play these games when you are busy. You should not play the texting games, when you or s/he is in the office or collage. It can be troubling for both of you and thus the next person would try to avoid you. Enjoy the fun text games in free time and things will be in your favor.
Please contact us for any matters. We are open for new ideas, comments, remarks.