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The Best Fun Texting Games You can Play Whole Day

The Best Fun Texting Games You can Play Whole Day

There is an abundance of games for smartphones. People daily install and play games on their phones. They soon get bored because many Android and iOS games ask for in-game purchase. Games, which don’t ask for in-game purchase, are often boring. So, people frequently change the games they play on their phone and soon they get bored of it. You may also be one of those people. So, is there no game to play for huge enjoyment? Well, there are many games in which you don’t feel bored. These games don’t work on apps and tools because these are Fun texting games. Let us share information on the best texting games you can play with your friends.

The Song Lyrics:

This fun texting game is the best for you and your friend, if you both enjoy listening the songs. Let’s begin the game by texting initial words of the song and let your friend guess the song. He would be the winner, if he guesses the song and types the identical lyrics of the song. Now the same thing your friend would do with you. Thus, the game will continue until the players successfully judge the songs. You can also ask your friend to complete the lyrics of the song by texting them and modify the game according to your interest. It will be a great fun to do.

The Word Game:

Is your vocabulary, weak and are you willing to improve it? The word game can be a funny way of doing that. All you have to do is ask send a difficult word to your friend and let him guess the meaning of this word. Well, no translator will be allowed in this game. If the next person guesses the meaning, then he or she will send you a word to guess the meaning. Thus, the game will continue until one of you doesn’t give the wrong meaning of the asked word.

The puzzle game:

The puzzles are really entertaining, exciting and informative. You may have played this game many times in your life in schools, college and also at home. Now is the time to play this game on the phone because you can include all your friends in it. Send any puzzle into the group of Watsapp or any other messaging app and let’s see what answers you get. The winner would be that person, who will give the right answer to the puzzle. You can also send some blurred images or other mathematical puzzles to play this game. This game is always played by people, when they plan to play fun texting games.

Guess the Celeb:

You can provide some hints about the celebrities of your country and let your friends guess the name of that celebrity. The person, who will guess the right name, will win the game and thus it will continue.

You can have a lot of fun by playing such games and you will certainly not need any app to play them.

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