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5 Texting Games to play that your partner will Love

Many people in a relationship are constantly looking for ways to get their partners to think more about sex but in a more romantic and intimate way. One way of achieving this has been found to be engaging your partner in naughty texting games all in a bid to create some sort of sexual expectancy. Take note, in case you do this correctly, expect to enjoy playing dirty games with your partner all through to an extent that he would be longing for your body by the time you are done.

 When engaging in these texting games to play with your partner, you should pay closest attention to the texting replies that you get from your partner. The best thing to do is to kick off the games by starting out casually and the gradually heating things up slowly. Speaking of texting games to play, below is an overview of some of the games you should consider, they include:

  1. The love scene – frankly speaking, there is nothing that is as sexy as creating a love scene over text. This is because it serves to put both of you in the mood even without knowing it. In fact, when the timing is right, your partner would really love and enjoy playing the game. all you need to do is simply invite your partner to come join you for a game via text the same way you would if you wanted his/her presence physically. Proceed to gradually get dirty while being as intimate as you can.
  1. Have you ever – this game mainly involves sharing the most extreme previous sex experiences in a dirty way. You start off by asking your partner to narrate to you a sexual experience where he/she went to extreme lengths in a bid to please. You should also be willing to share your own experiences as well. You will agree and support the fact that: it would be extremely interesting and fun to discover some of the things which your partner would do when it comes to sex. Feel free to ask questions such as: have you ever had a one night stand or better yet have you ever had sex in the bathroom.
  1. Remaking of music lyrics – if you and your partner have a few favorite songs then you would love this game since it involves recomposing your favorite songs with some words which have sexual connotations. Feel free to take the lead by recomposing one line and then allowing your partner to try recomposing the next. This game is also a very wonderful way to text your partner’s creatively.
  1. I dare you – you will agree that some of us have the tendency to say a few things via text and then fail to live up to them in reality. This game is meant to push you and your man to put your money where it is that your mouth is. Simply put, it is a game of meaning what it is that you say and putting it to action. For instance, you can dare your partner to send you a naked photo of himself or herself. Feel free to make the game even more interesting by attaching a penalty if the dare is not met.

From the above, it is clearly evident that the above mentioned texting games to play are extremely great and effective when it comes to making the bedroom time exciting.

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