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5 Addicting Games to Play Over Text Message

Ever since text messaging (SMS) was invented for cell phones there have been innovative new ways to make a game out of texting with your friends and family. The next generation of smartphones may have all the latest interactive games and graphics, but sometimes you might be in the mood for good old fashioned text-based fun.
The latest mobile interactive games like Pokémon Go may be the latest fad, but eventually, users can get burnt out after constantly playing the same game for hours on end every day. There’s no denying that there are plenty of free games to download on Google Play or the Apple Store, but often times you’ll end up having to pay a fee to access the full version. Sometimes you might get to play the downloaded game only to find that the publishers have implemented clever micro-transactions that force you to purchase in-game currency to proceed any further.
Whether you’re looking for a truly unique, as well as free, way to have fun with your friends or you’re wishing to get back to basics, there are plenty of games to play over text message that you can spend countless hours enjoying.
Here are 5 very addicting games to play over text message that you can try out with your friends next time you’re looking for a laugh:

I Spy



A modern take on a classic game that you may remember playing as a child, I Spy takes advantage of your phone’s camera to allow you to engage your friends no matter where they are. Before the days of cell phones, tablets, and the Internet, kids could entertain themselves with nothing more than a quiet room full of random furnishings. The point of this game was to find something in the room that you and your friends were in and to give hints about what you’re seeing by saying the phrase, “I spy something that is…” You would then mention a feature of this object such as its color, shape or use. It may sound simple, but when you’re a kid your imagination is your best friend.
To put a modern twist on I Spy, you can take a picture of your surroundings wherever you are, send it to your friends and ask them to find a hidden object that you give a hint about. This classic game can turn an otherwise boring train or car ride into a fun games to play over text message that really helps pass the time.

Guess Who I Am


You may know a version of this game called Charades, but over text messaging, it takes a slightly different form. Similar to Charades, the objective of this game is to give your friends short hints about a famous person that you’re thinking of. This person should be a popular movie star, sports figure, politician or someone else from the mainstream culture who almost everyone would have heard of before. The fact that this game incorporates modern pop-culture makes it one of the most common games to play over text messages.
You can start this game off by giving your friends a popular quote from this famous person or giving a hint as to one of their well-known accomplishments. This encourages your friends to try and be the first one to guess the person you’re thinking of.

What Would You Rather


This is a very creative game to play over text message and you can definitely learn some things about your friends that you never knew before. You start out by sending a simple “would you rather” question to a person or group of people in your contacts. This question could be something like, “Would you rather win 1 million dollars and take it all at once, or 1 billion dollars and receive it over the course of 50 years?”
This text-based game can get quite interesting, and your imagination is the only limit. Your questions can really make someone stop and think about their choices such as, “Would you rather marry a movie star who you only see once a month, or a shoe salesperson that you see every day?”

Random Abbreviations


If you’ve spent any amount of time chatting online or over text messaging, then you’ll probably know at least the most common abbreviations. For example, TTYL means “talk to you later”. Or LOL means “laugh out loud”. Well, the purpose of this text message game is to come up with your own brief abbreviations and challenge your friends to take guesses at what they mean.
You can literally come up with any combination of words, but you should try to keep it short to start off this game. An example could be ILTG, which would translate to “I like text games”. The purpose of the game isn’t so much for your friend to guess exactly what you’re thinking of, but instead to come up with funny and surprising interpretations of your given abbreviation. So someone might guess the meaning of ILTG to actually be, “I look too good” or anything similar.

Celebrity Name Game


This is one of those games to play over text message that is easy for anyone to get involved with. You can start off by picking a popular genre with your friends like movies, music or sports celebrities. Then you begin by naming a famous person within that category. Let’s say you chose movies for your topic and you give the name of Brad Pitt. Now, the next person would have to name a celebrity from that same topic, but whose name starts with the last letter of the Brad Pitt’s last name. So the person would have to choose a movie star’s name that starts with the letter “t”.
A good response could be Tom Cruise, and then it would be your turn to mention a celebrity whose name starts with the letter “e”, and so on. The game continues until the person whose turn it is can’t think of any other celebrities to name in the category you’ve chosen. This will usually happen when you get the last name of someone that ends with the letters “x” or “z”, because it’s more difficult to find pop stars whose first names start with those letters.

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